Vanishing Rights is a blog about the personal rights, the law, and other related fields. On this blog, you will find tips and information about your rights as a human, an employee, etc. If you are a lawyer, you will also a learn a few things and find value in the articles whether written for lawyers or citizens. Everyone will benefit from the content on this blog.

Mark Hines is the man behind the blog and is a legal expert with a lot of knowledge to share. His experience in the field of law has made him a respected name and he often speaks at conferences and seminars. Mark would like to invite the readers of this blog to contribute their own knowledge and experience.

You can contribute to this blog whether you are a lawyer, a fan, someone who has been affected by the law or the breaking of the law, and any other individual who wishes to share something related to the law and rights. Mark has a lot of insight to offer, but he enjoys hearing from other people and getting different perspectives and experiences. It is more valuable to readers to have all the facts and hear points from different sides.

If you think you want to share something or tell your story on Vanishing Rights, please contact Mike Hines today.

How Can You Contribute?

You can write any of the following types of articles to contribute to this blog:

  • My Story – Tell us your story in 300 to 400 words. If you have experienced a lawsuit, been sued, survived court proceedings, had your rights violated and lay claims, etc., we want to hear your story.
  • Features – If you are a lawyer who has in-depth knowledge to share on how to handle certain aspects of the law or personal right, write a feature of 500 words to inform our readers of what they can do.
  • Questions – If you have legal-related questions, send them to us so we can answer them. We collect these single questions and create a Q&A article every month.
  • Location-specific information – If you have advice or tips for dealing with legal issues in your specific town or city, share those with us so we can inform others who may find it useful.

What to Send?

When you have completed your article, send it to us as an email attachment. We also need your full name and surname and contact details. You need to indicate whether you would like to remain anonymous of if your name should be added to the article. You also need to tell us a little about yourself so we can say a few words about the writer of the article.

If you think you want to share something or tell your story on Vanishing Rights, please contact Mike Hines today. If your writing is good and you have a lot to offer this blog, Mike Hines might want you to write on a more permanent basis.

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