8 Tips from the Experts for Lawyers Who are Just Starting Their Careers

When you start a new job, you know there will be lessons to learn and that you will make many mistakes before you find your feet. It is no different for a new lawyer who is just starting out. We spoke to a few experienced lawyers to get some good advice and tips for those of you are braving the new challenges of being a lawyer. We hope these tips will make the learning of tough lessons easier and reduce the number of rookie mistakes you make.

Don’t be afraid to ask and accept help. There are many people around you who have been doing the job longer than you and know things you still need to learn. Ask for help and allow them to help you. You don’t need to know everything all the time.

Never say it can’t be done. Your answer to a question or request should never be ‘no, you can’t. Instead, you should answer something like ‘ok, let’s find a way’ or ‘yes, let’s figure out how you can do that’.

Return phone calls as soon as possible. Being a lawyer is a fast-paced job and you will rarely be doing nothing. Make sure to return phone calls promptly as you never know when it is an emergency or important information pertaining to something you’re working on.

Paying your dues is inevitable. You may not like starting at the bottom, but that is where everyone starts. You may feel the work you’re given is beneath you, but it is part of what you need to do to get to the good stuff. Making coffee, having good ideas that other take credit for, and generally being an errand boy will get you to the top in good time.

Getting the facts is your job. Getting facts and doing research is a very big part of being a lawyer. It is your job to find the facts and information that is needed regardless of whether people want to give them to you or not. You will have to find a way to get those answers no matter what.

Under-promise and over-deliver. This is true in any job, but especially so for lawyers. Being realistic, but hopeful can be difficult, but it is often what your clients need. Never make promises you know you can’t keep and never fail to deliver what you promise.

Always be early for appointments. This shows that you are professional, timely and that the other person is important. If you are running late, call ahead and let them know you are on your way. This shows respect and professionalism that will win you a lot of points.

Find the big picture first. Lawyers work through a lot of information and need to see a lot of pictures, big and small. The most effective strategy is to see the big picture and then focus on the little pieces. Building the picture from little pieces can sometimes seem and be impossible.

Always pay attention to how you interact with people and treat them with respect. If you start your career as some that are reliable, sharp, and creative, you are building a solid foundation for future success.

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5 of the Top Lawyers of All Time

No matter what people think of lawyers and how many jokes they make about them, they will always be needed. Lawyers help shape the laws that rule a country and they are a key part of making countries run properly. A lawyer can either work to your advantage or against it, depending on which side of the law you are on. Some lawyers stand out in the profession and are known across the world. These guys are the ones that have made history and the ones you don’t want to be your opposing counsel.

The top lawyers of all time include the following people:

1. Joe Jamail – Joe Jamail is a billionaire thanks to his success in the courtroom with several high-profile cases. He has been nicknamed the ‘King of Torts’ and won the case of Pennzoil vs. Texaco and walked away with $335 million dollars. The $10.5 billion verdict that was a result, in that case, is the biggest that a jury has ever awarded. No matter the fact that he is known as abrasive, rude, and vulgar, he is one of the best lawyers of all time.

2. Abraham Lincoln – Most of the US presidents in history were lawyers before they were elected into office. Abraham Lincoln is also known as ‘Honest Abe’ by his clients because of how he treated them. He was the first American president to hold a patent and was involved in many important cases. He was truly one of the greatest presidents ever.

3. John Adams – Sticking with the presidents, we also add John Adams, the second president of the US, to our list. He was also a founding father and a well-respected lawyer who defended soldiers accused of taking part in the Boston Massacre. He cleared the names of 6 of the soldiers and got two charged with manslaughter instead of murder. He was one of the most influential people in history and his work had many positive effects on business and areas of importance.

4. Johnnie Cochran – The name is well-known in America and everywhere else in the world. Johnnie Cochrane was known to fight for the underdog and worked a lot with clients who were victims of police brutality. His best-known case is probably the OJ Simpson trial where he became famous for the words ‘If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit’. He also represented many other famous people like Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, and Sean Combs.

5. Mary Jo White – The now chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, is feared in courts across the country. No lawyer or attorney wishes to face this powerful lawyer in court because they know they will get whipped. Mary Jo White is a well-respected and very successful lawyer who is often called upon by the Attorney General to investigate high-profile cases.

There have been many other powerful and well-known lawyers in the world and there will be many more. The lawyers on this list made history and some of them are still feared today. You don’t want any of the lawyers on this list to be against you.

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Dealing With The Complexities of Personal Injury Claims

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