Part of being a good lawyer and staying up to date with new developments, legislation, and continuous learning, is attending events and conferences. There are many different legal conferences and events that take place across the world every year. If you are not a lawyer, we have some events for you as well. Staying informed about your rights is very important to protect yourself and your family.

Events 2017

Law Conferences and Events for Lawyers

National Conference on Equal Employment Opportunity Law in New Orleans, Los Angeles
29 March to 4 April 2017
Discover new developments and changes in employment law.

EU Merger Control Conference in Brussels, Belgium
4 April 2017
The EU Merger Control conference will equip you with knowledge and strategies to deal with mergers in 2017.

What Foreign Lawyers Need to Know About Changes in US Immigration Laws
4 April 2017
Online conference for foreign lawyers to get updated on new immigration laws in America.

32nd Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference in Arlington, Virginia, United States of America
4 April to 6 April 2017
Discover the newest developments and changes related to intellectual property laws.

2nd International Conference on Non-Adversarial Justice in Sydney, Australia
6 April 2017
Join discussions and gain insights about non-adversarial justice practices that is found in justice systems today.

111th ASIL Annual Meeting in Washington DC, United States of America
12 to 15 April 2017
Meet like-minded law professionals from across the world and learn what international law is about.

Advertising and Marketing Law 2017 in London, United Kingdom
4 May 2017
Discover the changes that are expected in 2017 and all the innovations that lie ahead.

Drafting and Management of Contracts in Kampala, Uganda
8 May 2017
Course that will teach you the skills needed to successfully draft and negotiate contracts for clients.

Information Sessions for the Public

Personal Injury Law and Claims in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
10 April 2017
Learn about your rights when it comes to personal injury and find out how to approach claims.

When Do I Have the Right to Lay a Claim Against a Company for Unfair Treatment?
11 May 2017
Information session for the public to know and understand what situations constitute the right to lay a claim.

Family Law and Its Intricacies in London, United Kingdom
5 June 2017
Family law is a difficult field and many people don’t know what to do when they want a divorce or need advice on other family legal matters. This seminar will clarify the conditions that require a lawyer and give more details about family law.

Intellectual Property Law Information Session in Berlin, Germany
6 June 2017
Intellectual property laws are very important for anyone who creates any form of intellectual property product. Learn about patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc. and what your rights are.

There is always a lot to learn at these events and conferences and you will walk away more informed and empowered. For lawyers, these events are a must to stay on top of your game. For the public, these information sessions can be very valuable to help you or your friends and family when legal issues come up.

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